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  • What is the Roseville Solective program?
    The Roseville Solective program allows customers to purchase local, clean, and renewable electricity without having to put solar panels on their roof. Roseville Solective customers can select to match 50% or 100% of their annual electricity use from Roseville Electric Utility’s locally-owned community solar program.
  • Am I eligible to participate?
    All Roseville Electric Utility residential customers with 12 months of uninterrupted service can receive local renewable energy. Customers who live in apartments, condos, town homes, multi-family units, single family homes with or without rooftop solar are eligible to participate.* * Customers currently enrolled in the Roseville Green program who would like to participate in the Roseville Solective program, must transfer their participation to the Roseville Solective program. At this time we are not allowing customers to participate in both programs at the same time.
  • Whom should I contact for more information?
    For more information about Roseville Solective email, visit, or call 916-774-5300. Roseville Electric Utility has contracted with Clean Focus Renewables Inc. to administer the program.
  • How will I be billed for the Roseville Solective plan?
    Roseville Solective energy purchases and credits will be listed as separate line items on your utility bill and are in addition to your regular electricity charges.
  • How will my Roseville Solective bill be calculated?
    Customers will purchase Roseville Solective energy at the 50% or 100% kilowatt hour (kWh) level. A separate rate for Roseville Solective energy has been developed. You will also receive a credit for the value of that solar to the utility equal to your purchase (50% or 100%). The Roseville Solective Purchase rate is the cost of the local renewable power. The Roseville Solective Credit rate is the credit for the value of the local renewable generation. Sample bill for a Roseville Solective 100% Customer Applicable federal, state, and local taxes and charges still apply. The customer’s participation is in addition to the customer’s normal electricity charges.
  • Will my rate change over time?
    Roseville Solective rates are based on a 25 year average pricing model and are not intended to change; however they are subject to revision at any time. Any changes to the program must be approved by Roseville’s City Council
  • What other fees might I be charged?
    No other fees apply.
  • What is the required length of the agreement / contract?
    There is no required length of agreement or contract for customer participation; however we do encourage 12 months of participation.
  • Can I cancel my participation and is there a fee?
    Yes, you may cancel your participation at any time. You will not be subject to any cancellation fees. Cancellations will be effective at of beginning of the next billing period.
  • Can I change my participation level?
    Yes, you may change your level of participation once in a 12 month period. If Roseville Solective is filled – meaning we are unable to accept new customers - existing customers may change their enrollment level down only, from 100% to 50%. Any changes to a participation level are effective on the next billing cycle.
  • Can I move and continue to participate in Roseville Solective program?
    Yes, you can move your Roseville Solective plan with you when you move within the Roseville Electric Utility’s service territory.
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