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About Roseville Solective

Roseville Solective: Roseville Electric Utility's Pilot Community Solar Program

We’re excited to offer our customers a new clean and locally generated solar option. This program is available to our residential customers and is a great option for renters, multi-family units, and customers with roofs that may not be ideal for rooftop solar.


How it Works

By participating you will purchase energy and receive credits for the value of the solar energy generated from the project.

This program is available to all residential customers with twelve months of uninterrupted electric service. As a voluntary program, there are no sign-up fees or contracts, but we do encourage you to participate for at least 12 months.


Roseville Solective also offers participation at no cost to income-qualified customers and has set aside a portion of the program for their participation.

The program will cost an additional $0.01-$0.02 more per kWh, which for the average home using 720 kWh per month is and additional cost of $14.40 per month, but you’ll know your electric energy is 100% renewable and you’re doing your part to support renewable energy and help the environment!

Your participation in Roseville Solective shows you’re committed to creating a healthy community for you and your children.

The program is currently full but you can be added to our wait list if you wish.




Community Solar Graph_V8.jpg

Access to solar power is easier than ever!

Program Rates

(To be multiplied by your total energy use)

Your Sign Up Options:

You can choose to participate at either 50% or 100% of your current energy use, giving you the flexibility to control your bill and level of commitment to locally produced solar energy.


For participating customers, bill charges and credits will show up on your next bill as separate line items as shown below.



The net payment, or cost to participate, will be in addition to the customers normal utility bill charges and will be added to each month’s utility bill.

For example, a residential customer using 720 kWh per month of electricity participating at the 100% level, would see an additional cost of $14.40/month on their utility bill.

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